Monday, September 12, 2011


and Happy Birthday LeRoy! (42 if anyone was wondering......)
We have a tradition.
LeRoys birthday. The Yachats Inn (car club fesitivities. Grandpa takes his 57 Chevy). We stay in the same condo every year. Best view of the entire place (and of the ocean). Dinner at the Adobe. Our kids run around and have a blast. Nicole and Rae barely hang out with me! Grandma and Grandpa Mary come. Our friends from Creswell and their kids have started coming too. Mark picking on me (he was actually on good behavior this year!) Swimming in the pool. Walking on the beach. Taking lots of pictures (I was kind of a slacker in that department this year!). Drinking wine in the evening (I didn't do that either!) Going into the big town of Yachats to the shops and the "poker walk". Weather was a little cool this year. Even our friends Clem and Barb from Albany stopped by to visit. Weekend went by way too fast!And why can't they just behave the 1st time around? hahaBecause shinannaghans are funny! Luke, Tyler and Gracie enjoying the pool.
Me and the birthday boy!
Tyler had to get this goofy hat~

Ended up having a beautiful sunset.

"1st day of school.....2011"

Summer is over?
I must have missed it.
The weather just started getting good and I worked too much!
Back to school time! Hard to believe how grown up my children are.
Tyler is a middle schooler now.
1st day of 6th grade (report after school was good!)Nicole is a junior in high school. How do I possibly have an 11th grader??????

Nicole and Raelynn went to the high school the 1st day of school to mentor the Freshman. Their first official day was the NEXT day. What a bunch of cuties. Tyler is starting to grow and will be passing them up soon! (she got a new haircut before the first "official day! as seen in the pic above)

1st official day for the girls..................