Wednesday, March 6, 2013

"A trip to the ER........."

 Got a call last Sunday afternoon from a co-worker of Nicole's that they were taking her to the emergency room. What?! Why, what happened???? She dislocated her knee cap (Thank goodness she didn't totally dislocate her knee!)
 She did good until we got into the ER room. Her knee cap was totally dislocated (as you can see!) and she was in a lot of pain. She is tough and only cried a little. They started her an IV and gave her some happy meds and reset her knee. She doesn't remember that part. And was happy she wasn't wearing a good pair of jeans because they had to cut them off in the ER.  Now she has to wear a huge knee imobilizer brace for about 3 weeks.
 We went and saw an orthopedic doctor and thank goodness she doesn't have to have surgery. Just rehab and restrengthen her muscles and tendons. X-rays show bones and everything is back where it's supposed to be.
 I've been taking care of my "adult-baby" for the last week. Helping her shower and driving her around. Cooking for her and being her assistant. I'm exhausted!
 She will be on crutches until she can put full weight on her leg. The crutches are slowing her down and she hates them! Yesterday we let her start driving again. It's been over a week and she thinks she can handle it. Good thing it was her left leg and she drives an automatic.Things are slowly getting back to normal around here. Bummer she has her 18th birthday on Saturday and she is still on crutches. Guess she can't get into too much trouble. ha!
She is a trooper and her youth and being fit will help her recovery. She is going crazy not being able to work but at least she is driving again. So glad it wasn't more serious. The good part is how much time I have gotten to spend with her! ha!