Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"40 and Fabulous.....The Party!"

My party day finally arrived!
I turned 40.
So I wanted a party. Everyone dressed in white. Food, friends, cake, candy, lot of pictures, laughs, memories, new stories to tell, bonding, fun and everyone to have a fantastic evening!
Mission accomplished................
I decided to have a little glass of wine before we left for the party and take some family pictures because it was 95 degrees outside and I wasn't sure how quickly I would melt!

I still look pretty good for a 40 year old! I can still rock big hair and sparkly, platform, drag-queen, wedge shoes!

My darling daughter (and our designated driver!)

My man totally worked the room at the party. So cute and charming. Reminds me of why I married him in the first place! Had a great time.

Let the fun begin................

Monday, August 22, 2011

"40 and Fabulous......The Decor"

When I decided to throw myself, my own 40th birthday party (nothing about that sounds right!) I decided I wanted Fruffy. Pink. Fabulous. Glittery. Pretty. Girly. Candles. All beautiful things to look at.
I asked all of my guests to wear white attire. I thought it would be cool for pictures (hahahha). Everyone gave me a little growling about wearing all white. But the pictures turned out so amazing it was worth the grumbles!! So I sweetly asked my aunt Michelle, cousin Angela and my mom if they would help me with my 40th birthday party.
That was a year ago I asked.
They may now be regretting to agreeing. We pooled our resources and all of our crystal and candles and birdcages and goodwill treasures to throw an absolutely stunning party. Angela's backyard was the perfect venue! Who doesn't have 3 chandeliers at their 40th birthday party???!

Lovely flowers from lovely Jaunita's yard..........

They made me decorate my own chair. So I made it fabulous and a table to go with it! I had my own ice bucket with my wine and a pink diamond wine stopper.....and my pink, monogramed, bedazzled wine glass.....(all about the details......)

This looks like the Motley Crue. Glad my butts not in there! I could identify all 4 of their backsides if anyone is interested??????

Thanks for all of my lovely gifts friends...............

I bought these lanterns at the dollar store! You can be fabulous on a budget!

I have been planning, shopping, bargaining, trading, bribing, budgeting for the last year for this party. It was the hottest day of the summer at a scorching 95 degrees! sorry to my decorators the day of the party for having to set up. But it was worth it! Great job and I loved everything. It's all about the details.............I'm still smiling right now...........

"40 and Fabulous....Food & Drinks"

I don't mess around when it comes to food for a party. Thanks goodness my mom is retired and has nothing better to do! hahahhaahahah....kidding mom! But she was awesome and made me these adorable, little fruit crisps at my request...............they were so pretty and yummy!

Apple and peach crisps.

I planned my menu and went to Costco (and dragged my mom with me) and turned it all over to my mom. Thanks mom!

Yumm......bacon wrapped sweet potatoes! (thanks mom)

I'm all about details. I made these cute little labels out of coasters.

I'm thrifty and creative. I got these pink candle holders at the Goodwill.

Had to have everything labeled (ocd rememeber) and found a hot pink "diamond" bottle opener for the beer! All about the details.

"40 and Fabulous....Candy and Sweets"

I love pretty things............

Candy can be pretty...........
I have been dying to do this and what better time than my 40th birthday party!
How does this not make you smile..............

Emma discovered the candy bar...........


My client Laurie makes the best carmel corn you have ever tasted in your life. And I asked her to make frosted sugar cookies as well. My two favorite desserts! (and lemon cake. I had that too!)

Maybe my next career will be a party planner? After I'm done playing hairstylist!!! haha