Saturday, May 18, 2013

"Portland Zoo......2013"

 Tyler's entire 7th grade class (approx. 200 kids) got to go to the Portland Zoo for an end of the year fieldtrip. I was lucky to go and chaparone. I forgot how fun middle schoolers can be. The boys just hang out and are cool and the girls squeal and made sure their hair was all curled and they had on cute jean. I loved observing and watching the interaction amongst the kids. I can't believe how much they have grown and how tall all the boys have gotten. I've missed hanging around this age group.
 My son was such a sweet boy that day. He didn't look at me and cringe and roll his eyes because I was around. He was actually quite charming and funny and sweet. I had a great day with the kids and hanging out with my 13 year old!
 This was my motley crue. I'm used to being the chaparone for girls. Not boys. But they were a good group and had a good day.
 We made it to all the main exhibits with the limited time we had.

 Even got to see baby Lily (born in Dec. 2012) the elephant.
 We got lucky with the weather. No rain! Was supposed to rain and rained the day before! Had some blue sky and was a perfect day for the zoo. Just started to sprinkle as we left.

 All the animals were out! (Including the ones down below). All the kids had a fun time goofing around and walking around and all of my group had their lunches and all their food gone by 10:30 am. That's the difference between boys and girls!

 Tyler even let me take some pics with him! He was cute and told all the boys in our group that this would go on all day. ha! I tried not to be too annoying and just get a few pics with him.
 This pic is cute because all the teenagers are just strutting along and to the right are the little boys running with excitement. Wasn't too long ago that our teens were those little boys..............
 Tyler is a pretty cool kid. Had fun with his friends.
 Rode the bus! I actually got the front seat all to myself. Was kind of fun. Haven't been on a school bus for awhile. The bus driver was cool and had the radio on (loud) and when songs came on that the kids liked and knew they sang their little hearts out. Was funny. And nice to see that 7th graders can be enjoyable to be around. I enjoyed myself. Was very glad I went. Good times.

Monday, May 13, 2013


 Nicole and Tyler..............PROM........2013....................
 Her very last high school prom ever. She looked so pretty. Can't believe she is graduating next month. Where did all those years go?
 Her dress was gorgeous (was a lime-green-sherbet color). Hair was perfect. Face flawless. And going with her best friend Raelynn and their men (boys??). Fun times. One of the last big "high school experiences".


 The neighbors weren't home and the yard was perfect and beautiful so we just went on over and took pics. I said if they came home and we were all in their yard taking pics they should be flattered that all their hard work has paid off for our photo shoot. Ha! More shinnanaghans!

 All the "kids" looks so great.

 Lovely young ladies..............

I hope they had fun. I never get a report the next day except "yeah it was fun". Well it was their night. Their last prom. Fun memories. High school is coming to an end.............

"Pre-Prom fun............"

 Oh the preparations to get ready for PROM! Nicole is a very lucky girl that I am a hairstylist and she gets all the good stuff because I am her mom! She came into salon on Friday for a real pedicure! And her new shoes that I bought her.
 The prep at the house is actually the funnest part. Her partner in crime Raelynn came over to get ready and for shinnanaghans. I worked earlier in the afternoon doing prom hair and then came home to get these two ready.
 Luckily Nicole is good with make-up. So she had that covered.
 The curling never ends!! But it is Nicole's last prom ever. Kinda sad this is the last time (probably besides her wedding) that I will get her ready like this......
 Here are a few of the do's I did at the salon.

 And then Nicole and Rae........