Monday, December 24, 2012

"Mary Christmas 2012"

 Christmas Eve. Doesn't feel like Christmas Eve. This month has been crazy and busy and now it's Christmas Eve.
 Gifts are wrapped. Food is ready. Kids are antsy. Nicole just left for a work party and I've already tortured them with "family christmas pictures." We didn't do many Christmas festivities this year. Work, school, basketball, obligations took up most of our month. This is about the extent of the Christmas lights we saw.
 We had a family christmas party with all the aunts, uncles, cousins, kids, grandparents.
 Lots of coffee has been consumed this month. Much more than usual. And much needed!
 Winkie the gnome, Figgy the Elf, and the Grinch were around alot. I like them. They are fun.....
 Nice to see my mommy smiling.....
 Wine was a necessity as well as coffee. Again Figgy the Elf was there to keep me company. (I think this was 2 days ago when I started wrapping gifts...............was a long day.)
 I frosted sugar cookies with my Mom and Dad........good times.........
 And now it's Christmas Eve. I worked today. Cooked and cleaned all day yesterday. Wrapped the day before. So it's nice to be home right now in my clean house. Candles lit (smells amazing!) . Tyler is watching a movie. LeRoy is around. Nicole went to her work party. Family should start arriving here around 6:00ish. I already tortured my kids about an hour ago with pictures. Why do they fight it??????? They know I'm going to take them.............and if they would all just cooperate it would be done in 3 minutes!

 Finally! A few smiles!
 But this is more the reality. hahahhahahaaaaaaa!
 Stockings are hung.
 Candles are lit.
 Kids have suffered thru pictures. (and about 10 minutes ago Tyler persuaded me to let him open a present! His sister is gone for awhile and he promised he wouldn't tell her. I let him pick it and was glad because it was a movie so he can watch it later.)
 Kids are growing up so fast. Tyler is 13. Nicole is 17.
 Now we just wait for the chaos and family to get here. (more pics later)
And Santa tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

"Our little darlings........2012"

 Impromptu photoshoots work for me. My sister Donna asked if I would be interested in her friend taking some pictures of the 4 cousins, just for fun. Of coarse I'm in! Picked a day. Rounded up all the kids. Prayed for no rain. And in between rainstorms in October..............this is what we got. Love it. Gorgeous kids. Was hard to keep their attention for more than 3 seconds at a time. Lots of silly. Just the way I like it. Can't believe how grown up they all are! Tyler. Nicole. Drake. Gunner.

I love these kids..................