Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Vegas..........Part 2............we finally arrive!!"

 We finally arrive and meet up with the rest of our group (a few are missing from this pic). They had been there almost 7 hours in front of us. We went to dinner and had a drink and got LeRoy back to the room to get his ankle propped up.
 The next day there was no way LeRoy was going to the Trade show. So I told him he had to sit with his ankle propped and iced all day. He could sit by the pool as easy as sit in the room! So he hobbled down and we sat out for most of the day. We stayed at the MGM and they have the best pools on the strip (6 total)

 So everyday I tried out a different pool and view. (People watching was fun too!)
 LeRoy doesn't enjoy sitting by the pool like I do. But he didn't have much of a choice! So here he sits! But I got him food and drinks and brought him candy.

 Finally a much needed drink!!!! (I hardly ate or drank much of anything the entire week). I was so looking foward to this trip. Relaxing. Eating and drinking. Shopping. Sleeping in. Reading. Did none of those things! Ha!
 This is the only thing I bought the entire time we were in Vegas (besides food and coffee). It was freezing in all the hotels. I bought this for jammies.
 More of the pools at the MGM (I think this was the Tuesday pool)

 We stayed mostly in our hotel so LeRoy didn't have to walk too far. We gambled a little.
 The night we had our show tickets (Chris Angel-Mindfreak). The guys took a cab with gimpy and us girls (and Joe) walked back. So this was the only time we were out of our hotel property and I did get to see the Strip at least once!

 Another pool day. He actually may have enjoyed it a little. But not alot!! I don't feel like I ever really got to relax even tho I was down by the pool.  I worried (but was glad I made him go get x-rays so I didn't worry more about it being broken!) and felt bad that he missed out on all the things we wanted to do.

 The weather was perfect.

 The last day I finally read 1 magazine by the pool! Didn't even open my book once! We got home about 8:00 pm Thursday night and I was back to work bright and early Friday morning and worked a long day and worked Saturday doing prom hair. I'm tired......................
 That will be a trip to rememeber. But I came back exhausted. And sore. My legs and feet are still hurting a week later! I think I pulled a muscle (or 3) in my leg pushing LeRoy around in a wheelchair and hauling all that luggage in and out of cabs and the plane and the hotel room etc. At least we made it and tried to make the most of it. I was just glad it wasn't broken. It could have been worse and I'm grateful it wasn't. I told the hubs he owes me a trip :)

"Vegas..................Part 1"

 It all happened before we even got to Vegas!!!!!!!!
 LeRoy fell down the stairs on the shuttle at the Portland Airport before we even go into the building at the airport. (It was 10:00 am on a Sunday, so there was no drinking involved!) and sprained his ankle.
 He was not happy to be hurt. In a wheelchair. Or that we missed our flight because I forced him to seek medical help and go to the hospital.
 The EMT's arrived at the terminal (we are still outside and it's freezing!!) They recommended taking him to Providence Hospital in Portland near by. They offered an ambulance ride but I opted for a cab (all I could think of was a $1000 ride to the hospital). So we hail a cab. LeRoy is in alot of pain. He is mad because I'm making him go to the hospital to get his ankle checked out. He is mad we were going to miss our flight. We told our friends to go ahead and get on the plane and we would hopefully see them in Vegas.
 So here I am. With my husband in pain. He is pissed off. I have all our luggage to schlep along with us!! and the cab ride cost us $35. We get to Providence ER and I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to handle all this by myself. I went in and asked the security guy if he could help me get my husband out of the cab in a wheelchair and I have all our luggage! I just got another wheelchair and wheeled it in too!(My husband is lucky I have alot of patience and am good in emergency situtation! I handled it all like a pro.) (And I seem to spend alot of time in the Emergency Rooms of hospitals when I'm never the patient!)
 They took him back for x-rays. Thank god it wasn't broken!!!!! Sprained really bad. They said sometimes a sprain hurts worse than a break.
 They wrap him up. Give him some ibuprofin (I would have wanted something stronger than that) gave him an ice pack and we were on our way. At this point I asked him if he would rather go back home (we were still in Oregon) or head on to Las Vegas. Of coarse he wanted to go to Vegas!
 So we take a cab BACK to the airport. We already missed our flight. The next flight out was at 5:15 pm. last one to Vegas for the day. (we left for Portland at 8:00 am). LeRoy didn't like me pushing him around the airport in a wheel chair. I didn't much care for it either. Here is my grown-man husband. 2 suitcases and my carry on. I was sweating by the time we got thru security and to our gate. Then we had to wait 4 hours for our flight out. We hadn't eaten. Between cab fare and sandwiches we had already spent $100 before we ever left Portland!! Was the longest travel day EVER!!! It took us almost 11 hours to get to Vegas! I needed a drink ASAP. I was so looking forward to relaxing and not having to take care of anyone but myself! I felt bad he was hurt. But it could have been worse! At least it wasn't broken and he didn't need surgery. ( 2 pics are graphic)..
 But the next day when we unwrapped it this is what it looked like. Was so swollen too. We tried to keep it iced and propped up. But thats hard to do in Vegas. So much walking! Well lots of walking for me! I had to go to the ice machine and get coffee etc.

"Easter 2013"

 Newport Oregon. Easter Weekend. Tyler stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Mary in their motorhome and we drove over for the day for some beach action and Sunday/Easter Brunch.
 Tyler took a friend and they had fun and chilled out and had a campfire and ate lots of food and couldn't wait to get down to the beach!
 Their favorite things to do........Metal detector and digging holes............
 LeRoy and I carried our chairs down so they could dig and have fun and we could sit and relax. LeRoy decided to make his chair a sand chair. I laughed so hard once I realized what happened and why he was trying to take me down with him!
 It was a beautiful sunny (but windy) day.......

 Went for a walk down on the peir. Had a terrible Sunday brunch at one of the hotels. I ate $2 worth of food! Would have rather had a bowl of chowder somewhere!

 Beautiful sunset!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

"Tyler is still a baller..................."

 I love it!!!!!!!

"Happy 18th Birthday Nicole!!!"

 My baby girl turned 18 (last month. ha!! I'm just now getting pics posted)! Just yesterday it seemed like she was a little girl playing dress up and dancing and singing and giving me all her loves. Now she is 18. Independent and I hardly ever see her! She is a busy young lady. School, college courses, working and has a social life.

 Her sweet friend Hannah had her 18th birthday a few days before Nicole. They decorated her mom's mini van (ha ha!) and put streamers and banners and bumper signs on it, declared it the "party van" and bought tierra's and a group of girls headed to Portland. I followed their instagram photos and looked like they had a great time. Dinner, Voodoo donuts, some shopping and who knows what else. She was still on crutches so she probably slowed them down a little. ha! Gorgeous girls that are now officially adults!!
 And I'm not sure what her curfew was but obviously I was texting her at 12:01 a.m. wishing her a Happy 18th birthday!

 We went to Block 15 restaurant in Covallis for dinner with Gma and Gpa Mary. Her birthday was pretty low key. Had cake and ice cream about 3 days later.

 Food was good. Was nice to go relax and enjoy my family.
 And I love that Gpa embarrassed her a little.....................
 Gotta love it................