Saturday, August 22, 2009

"reunions, birthdays and"

What a busy, crazy week. Started off Friday with my 20th class reunion. Actually had a great time. Didn't have any expectations, so no disappointments. Was good to see everyone. But had my eye on the bigger prize.
Went with Bff Kam (my gift from her was my trip!!), sister KayDee and her friend Brandi. We flew out on Aug. 16th which is my actual birthday. We were ready to roll. Started off with a bang. Almost got rear-ended at rest area. Kam was car sick and thought KD was gonna get a ticket on the freeway. Thank goodness the cop on our ass pulled over someone else. KD almost had a heart attack. (she was speeding!!!!) Then we stopped in Portland for breakfast and then off to the airport.
KD and Brandi were about 10 rows behind us on the plane. About half-way thru the flight (I was just minding my own business reading my magazine) and the flight attendant gets on the intercom and says "can Missy please turn on her cabin light". I'm like WTF. Kam flicks it on and the attendant says "Missy is celebrating her 21st birthday today, everyone wish her a happy birthday". I was dying............ KD and Brandi were hysterical in the back of the plane. It was pretty funny. So the attendant gave me some vodka. Birthday drink....................Should I mention it was 1:00 in the afternoon?

MGM is an awesome hotel. Pools were great. Rooms great. Beds fabulous and comfy. Went to a show there 1st night. (can't talk about it. lol).
Me and sista KayDee.
Went to Rainforest Cafe for my b-day dinner. Had steak and shrimp and chocolate for dessert. Introduced Brandi to lettuce wraps. One of my favs. She loved them so much they went back the next night and ate there again.

Tuesday after out day of lounging by the pool we went to New York, New York and celebrated Burrito Tues. We don't even miss it when we are on vacation! Had awesome food and chips and salsa. Then went to the Bar at Times Square and enjoyed the dualing piano bar. Some friends had said it was awesome and Kam had been before. Great music, fun times.

Didn't make it to Carnival Court. Too much relaxing going on.

Went to Hooters for Kam to get tshirts for the boys. Had Krispy Kreme donut and frappacinnos. Bought my kids some tshirts (not Hooters, lol). Had a great trip with my peeps! Weather was HOT. Over 100 degrees everyday.

"reunions, birthdays and Vegas.. pt. 2"

We had been to Ceasars Palace and had lunch at Planet Hollywood. Stopped at Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville for.... what else?? a margarita! Mango margarita. Refreshing........... On Monday night we went to see Blue Man Group at the Venetian. Of course I had to stop at Sephora. One of my fav stores in the world. Only a true makeup whore would appreciate a store like that. Heaven.........
Tues was the best day EVER. Me and Kam got up at 7 am and went down to the pool(s). The MGM has 6 pools! on 5 acres. This was our view from the 1st pool. No one around. Oh, then we got kicked out cause it wasn't even open yet. What fools get up at 7 am to lay by the pool? Oh, us. So we venture to one of the other pools cause the riverpool didn't open till 10 am.
We got an awesome spot and were there until about 4:oo pm.
9 hours lounging, swimming, reading, eating, drinking, watching people, hanging with my BFF, warm weather, doing nothing was ENJOYABLE.
I really was just taking pics from my loungechair to show everyone the pool. But I think I "accidentally" got a little "eye candy" in this shot". Really, I didn't know this ripped hottie with six pack abs was in my pic. Kam asked me "are you taking a pic of those hot guys?" At the time I'm like "what guys, what are you talking about". So it really was an accident. But nice to look at.
My pedicured feet were happy too.
Such a tourist.........
Fun is over. Back to reality. At the airport ready to head home.......

Great trip. No drama. Relaxed. Definately needed a few more days.Thanks for such a great birthday Kambria! Yours in next. Let's start planning.....................................

Saturday, August 15, 2009

"this is what 38 looks like!"

Tomorrow is my birthday.
I won't be 37 any more.
Downhill slide to 40.
When the hell did that happen?
But I'm going to Vegas so it will soften the blow a little bit.
Went to my 20th class reunion last night. Was fun catching up with everyone. Going to the dinner tonight. Everyone pretty much looked the same. (I hope I looked better than high school. (had braces, big hair (well still have big hair), ugly turtleneck sweater?) When I have more time I will try to find a pic from high school to post so everyone can laugh. Whatever.
Kambria stopped by before I left and we were cracking up cause she said this is what our Vegas wardrobes are going to look like.
Her= Grey tshirt, hobo purse, little makeup.
Me=Hot shirt that shows my cleavage, heels, accessories galore and dramatic makeup.
Ying and Yang.......................................

Monday, August 10, 2009

"6 days and counting"

till I'm off to Vegas. This week is crazy.
Work. Volleyball camp. Dr. appts. Finding daycare for Tyler. 20th Class reunion. (stressing about what to wear!). And I need to pack for Vegas. (my Birthday is in there too!) I have issues when it comes time to pack clothes for a vacation.
Kambria tells me it is because I "have too many options".
Which is probably true. I need to try everything on. Make sure I have the right bra and shoes and am comfortable. I would never dream of just throwing stuff in a suitcase.
It's just so much work to try everything on. Or maybe I have too many options!:) That should make it easier! Off to try on clothes.
Can't WAIT to be laying by the pool. With my best friend. And a drink and a book........

Thursday, August 6, 2009

"am I crazy????"

I have a house-full, like usual. My newphew are staying the night. Picked up 3 pizzas and soda.

Just dropped girls and Gunner off at River Rythems concert. They were HYPER! Told Gunner he was "the man and bodyguard." Don't let any boys talk or even look at the girls. He acted all cool "like whatever", but I know he will take care of it. By the time they got out of the car poor Gunner had his face buried in his hands. The girls are so loud and embarrassing. I warned him :)
Younger boys stayed home and are playing nerf guns, video games and whatever boys do.

After concert they are ALL (plus a few extras) coming back to our house for fire pit in backyard. Usually I do smores, but decided tonight, fire is all they get.

Tomorrow I am making them pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Drake popped up and said "how about biscuits and gravy". I said "this isn't a restaurant. do you like pancakes? he said "yes". I said "do you like sausage?" he said "yes". I said "pancakes and sausage it is!"

Then I'm taking them all to Otter Beach pool in Corvallis. Of course weather is crummy and cold. Whatever. I will take a sweatshirt and a magazine. They don't care if it rains. Then we have to be back by 5:00 so the girls can help with Hoop Jam registration. They are working that all weekend.

The boys were sweet and brought me a bouquet of rose picked from grandmas yard. :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"it's wednesday...."

Halfway thru the week.
Been walking with Kam all week.
I missed that.
Makes me happy to be doing it again.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

"the boys are back in town....boys are back in town"

My newphews Gunner and Drake are back from a 2 1/2 week trip to Missouri. Just texted my sister Donna to see if they arrived home safely and she said they are just exiting I-5 and almost home. Yeah! Can't wait to hear about their trip. Call me boys. Let's do lunch! Or the pool. Or whatever!