Monday, January 26, 2009

"my weekend"

-I had such grand plans for this weekend.
Nicole had a basketball tourney in Corvallis and was going to stay with Jasmine and Tyler stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Mary.
-Friday: worked all day. Came home and helped kids get their stuff ready and shipped them off. Hubs and I went to the new Restaurant in Albany, Cascade Grill. Was pretty good. Had a glass of wine. Wanted to come home and spend some "quality time" (tee hee) with Hubby, watch a movie and read some of my book. Fell asleep on the couch. I just shut down from exhaustion of life.
-Saturday: Got up and ready for Nicole's basketball tourney in Corvallis. She is out because she injured her knee again at Thursday nights game. But I went to support the team and her sitting on the bench, because that's what mom's do! Sat through two games and then took her to Urgent Care to have her knee checked out. She re-injured her MCL (same as last year), but just needs to take it easy for a week or so and slowly ease back into practice. Had a car full of kids. Took them to get something to eat.
Got a call from my friend Teresa at about 3:30 pm wanting to go to Portland to shop at Washington Square. So we headed up there and closed down the mall and got home at 11:15 pm. I spent $12.00 on dinner. Came home with NOTHIN'.
-Sunday: 2nd day of tournament got moved to Lebanon High School. Being the supportive mom that I am. Went and sat thru two games. Before that I went to visit my grandma who is very sick. Had a nice visit, but I am afraid that was my last goodbye to her :(
Then went to Walmart and picked up a few things, came home, not even sure if I ate dinner. Got kids ready for bed and a new week. Collapsed into bed and read a few pages of my book before I fell asleep.
So much for a relaxing weekend.
I miss my BFF :( She had a busy sports weekend too. We need to get together!!!!!!!!! I need you.
Today I had a full schedule at work. Went in at 9:00 am and my first two clients cancelled due to the flu. So I came back home for awhile. Good that I can do a few things around the house this morning, but bad because I need to money! I have a few appts this afternoon, so I do have to go back in.
I made the most of my morning.
Blogged, went on a 1.5 mile walk (Nicole forgot her homework, so I walked it to the school and kept on walking), laundry, banking and then off to work.
Hope everyone has a great day. I am struggling with keeping myself together today.OVERWHELMED!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"my crazy friends"

I am not sure why I haven't posted these pictures yet. These pics start out all sweet and serene. We were at the BGCA Celebration of Trees.
Me and my BFF. She is lookin' hot.My great friend Teresa. Also hot. I do have hot friends don't I? The rest of my hot friends are in the following pics.
This really looks worse than it was. (I didn't drive home!). Throw a little Maxine in the mix and we are smokin'. (smokin' hot, not really smokin') I'm not sure what Kam is doing. She is out of control!! :)

Hot mamma Tara. Now we are on fire.

This one doesn't really need any explaining. I just needed a good laugh. I am sure Kambria is laughing her ass off too. And still out of control. ha ha haha.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

tagged....."5 things I am addicted too....."

So I have been tagged by my good friend Susanne. Hmmmm.... List 5 things I am addicted too.

Workout wear.
Love to buy it. Love to wear it. Just love it.
But tonight I went to the gym lookin' like a hobo. What's up with that?? I guess the treadmill doesn't care. right? Addicted to HOT SHOES.
I want to sleep in these :)

The Twilight series.
On book #3. Can't put them down. Will be sad when they are over. Want to savor book #4.
Really would die without it.
ALL of my reality TV and the such is DVR'd for after 9:00 pm. Thats when I finally get to sit down and mindlessly stare at the TV for a while. Stay up much too late watching TV.
Addicted to "retail therapy". I don't really need to spend. Just shop. Love to find a bargain. The one activity BFF and I don't do together. She is a "get in and get out, get what you need". I am a "browse for hours and don't need to spend a dime".

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"if I had a desk job......."

I would wear shoes like this to work every single day....... :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

"not your typical sunday afternoon"

Definately not my Sunday afternoon. Up at 6:00 am for basketball tourney in Salem. Too tired to even type the details. Peace out.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

"rant for the day"

Ok. So I ALMOST fell off the wagon today. We had to get up early and be in Salem by 8:30 am this morning for a basketball tournament. I was very prepared last night and packed HEALTHY snacks, made sandwiches for the kids, packed bottled water, grapes, apples, etc. I made coffee at home and we were off. Morning started off pretty good. Games didn't go so good, but whatever. So we are leaving the tourney and end up with two extra kids.
No big deal.
Except that makes 3 teenagers, a nine year old pesty brother and a grumpy hubby in the car. With me. So I decided since we were in Salem I would go to a few beauty supply houses because I needed a few things for work. Everyone, grumble, grumble. Whatever. So I go to the 1st store. They were busy.
My cell rings and it's the kids. "when are you going to be done?". Response, "I will be done in a few minutes, I am standing in line."
2nd store (mind you I was not in one store more that 15 minutes). Hubby comes in. "are you almost done?" Response "yes, did you leave ALL the kids in the car?" yes...
Cell phone rings(kids) "Tyler is being a brat, are you almost done?" I send hubby back out to the car.
3rd store (trying to find a certain hairspray that I NEED for work).
Cell phone rings. Response "i'll be right out" I hang up. (not ever sure which kids it was, but it doesn't matter. still annoying).
ALL the way home. He's kicking the back of the seat. Put your feet down. Shut up. Stop talking. Stop looking at me. LOUD. Grrrrrrrr. Complain. Complain. Complain. I was D-U-N-N.
So I asked hubby to stop at Walgreen's in town and I needed to looked for an inexpensive wrist brace (my wrist has been so painful lately, and I am hoping its not anything to worry about).
Go into Walgreen's.
Two minutes.
Cell rings.(kids) "are you almost done". Response "I am coming out now." I grabbed to closest (crappy, cheap) brace I could find and was out the door.
I get into the car and yell at everyone. "DON'T YOU THINK I AM GOING TO COME OUT OF THE STORE WHEN I AM DONE??????????????????????????????????????????"
It's not like I was trying on clothes on a marathon shopping spree for goodness sake!
So I asked hubby to stop at little ceasars for 2 $5.00 pizzas to feed the kids. By now I am so ANNOYED. We get home they are still being LOUD. Leaving there stuff everywhere.
I sent them away. One of the other girls and her mom stopped by and I sent them all (except Tyler) AWAY.
Luckily I only had one slice of pizza. I would have eaten until I was sick because I was so stressed out. Once the left I was still wanting to eat, eat, eat. Thank goodness I don't have any junk food in the house.

I could of very easily fallen off the wagon. Face first.

So I put on my shoes, grabbed my ipod and phone and went for a walk by myself. (sorry kam I didn't call, but I had to get out of the house before I ATE anything I could find. I know you understand).
My ipod was dead, so I took Tylers.
I walked for 3 miles.
It was fabulous.
I have finally settled down and am going to make some popcorn for a snack and have a glass of water. I am over it. Feeling better (after this rant and my walk).
I don't know why I was so touchy today?? But I walked it out. Better than eating junk!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"kambria marie hunter"

Glad we walked it out tonight. We need to figure "it" out. Finances. Work. BALANCE.
"It could be worse" (we could be Vicki from the O.C. aka. uber-mom!!)
"But why can't it be better?"
I found this Starbuck's drip IV for you so you will always be energized! I bid on one for you on Ebay. ha ha This need to be your new motto. I will have a shirt printed up for you. Don't think I'm kidding. Because you know I will. :)

Here's to your job. I think yours represents the toilet paper! ha ha.

Tomorrow is another day.
Fresh new day.
Do you want me to bring you lunch tomorrow? Subway?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"my new red shoes"

I got these GORGEOUS red, patent Dansko shoes for Christmas. LOVE. I have worn them almost everyday since I got them. (today my feet are TIRED, standing for 9 hours is a killer.) Finished New Moon last night. Ready to start book #3.
Doing my sista's hair tomorrow and taking her to lunch. Will be nice to have a couple hours to visit.
Kam and I walked in the RAIN last night. And the dark. It was kind of exhilerating. Feeling good about eating good and walking. (kam, my sister had a new word that we are totally stealing "sausage sweats". ha ha hah aha hahhahaha).
**Random thought-----i noticed that almost EVERY single post of mine has the color red in it. What does that mean?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"back on track"

I am back on track with eathing healthy and walking (day two, but you gotta start somewhere right?) Need to widdle away at the muffin-top. Kam and I walked last night. In the dark. In the cold. But we are going to be dedicated! We had some stalkers though. They were pretty harmless. Wearing tutu's and a black cat suit. So I am home early today!! :) My last appt. cancelled, so I thought. Hmmmmm. Why not go home and read my book! I am almost done with book #2. Can't wait to start #3.
BFF and I went to Burrito Tuesday. Had tons of salsa. Went to Starbucks and got a yummy coffee and came home to blog and put on my comfy pants and read until I have to pick up kids in 2 hours. Then we are going to walk. Weather permitting we might walk outside or hobo style at the school or BGCA.
I feel guilty about being home early. Like I am playing hookie or skipping school. I don't do things like that. I should just enjoy it!

Skinny, sugar-free vanilla latte, decaf please.

My tu-tu stalker!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


My hubs and I went to Corvallis. The plan was to go to American Dream Pizza, Sally Beauty Supply and Winnco for groceries. We were going thru an intersection downtown and my husband just about crashed into the car in front of us. We see this enormous tour bus with half naked girls. It was the "Girls Gone Wild" bus. They tried to flag me down to go on tour, but I was too busy and had other things to do. ha ha ha ha ha. Must be lookin' for some college girls. We did make it to American Dream. Salad with bacon and mozzerella. Yummy. Slice of pepperoni. Yummy. (didn't have a cookie) Then off to grocery shop. I think everyone that wasn't on the girls gone wild bus was at Winnco. Crazy. Got healthy, good food.
I had two diet pepsi's with lunch. Those who know me. Know that when I drink caffiene, I am up for days with tons of energy. So I started organizing. I am giving a lot of credit to Kambria for my newly aquired skills.
She says "work on something for 20 minutes and them move on." Those who know me, know I am an "all-or-nothing" kind of girl. So I worked on my closet a little. BIG JOB. I do have WAY too many clothes. Or is this normal??? My hubs has 3 shelves.
So this is the horrid before pic.

I worked for a while and got this much done.

Then I cleaned out a drawer in my kitchen. Yes. This is my drawer. In my house. Kambria, are you proud yet?

And then I went a step further and organized my canned food cupboard. I do like to be organized, but I get so overwhelmed.
My best organizing friend Kambria also says "just pick up 15 things and put them away or throw them away and be done". Yeah, best friend. I DO listen. You are starting to rub off. I worked on my closet all by myself. I do still need you though! :)

Ah. Now I am going to get the kids to bed and read my book for awhile. Life is good.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

"i have a dream"

American Dream that is. Any of my homegirls want to meet up tommorrow afternoon (after 3:00) for some visiting? We don't necessarily have to do American Dream. We can go to coffee, or have an excuse to do dinner? Miss Anne is unavailable until this mentioned time, so we can't go without her! An takers? Nothin' formal. Coffee, movie, dinner, someone brave enough to let us come to their house? (mine is STILL pretty trashed from *last* Christmas, ha ha!). Love ya. Post, call, text, let me know :)

"happy new year 2009"

Well, it's a new year. I'm not big on new years resolutions because who really follows thru with that?
You will do what needs to be done when you are ready.
I am going to get back on the wagon about eating healthy and exercising. Today I went to Eugene shopping with Nicole, Jasmine and Ellen.
That is exercise right?
Retail therapy is good for the mind and walking around is exercise???
Who am I kidding?
Because then we went to the Olive Garden and ate. Whatever.
I will start on Monday. Really. I am not kidding around. I gave myself one last hurrahh this weekend and then it's on. (BFF, I am not making excuses. I promise ;) I didn't get these outfits, but this is what I am aspiring for. The bod and the clothes. I want to look like this....................

What did everyone do to ring in the new year? I watched the ball drop in Times Square and was in bed by 12:05 am. Not a drop of alcohol. No party clothes. No company (just my family). Ate some pringles, peanut m & m's and had diet root beer and pizza. I am such a party animal!
Happy New Year everyone. I need to have a brownie tommorrow before my BFF pins me down and tapes my mouth shut.
Monday. It. Is. On.