Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"still need to post about..........."

How we didn't go out to dinner for our anniversary.
But here is a wedding picture of Mr. & Mrs. Mary. 18 years ago.

Friday, September 25, 2009

"homecoming 2009"

What a fun night. We went to the homecoming football game tonight. Nicole had volleyball practice and Jasmine and Cassandra had a soccer game so they didn't have much time (about 30 min) to come home and shower and get ready to go to the game.
They were so excited. I sat with Kam and her peeps (kath, BH, maddy, calvin and Mr. Hunter). Girls were being social butterflies. I love these girls.
All week at school was "spirit week" and they dressed up in "theme outfits" all week. I will post what I have soon. Today was 50's.
Jasmine wore a poodle skirt and Nicole didn't want to be like "everyone else" (that's my girl!) so she decided to be Jasmines "date" and dress in skinny jeans rolled with tennies, white tshirt and a boys letterman sweater. OMG. So great.
For the game they all dressed in school colors and changed for the dance.
I am waiting to pick them up from the dance at 11:00. Otherwise I would be in bed!

Game was very exciting. SAHS lost :( but game was good. Check out Kam's blog for stats. I am sure she will post highlights. Especially because Zac scored 2 touchdowns!!!!!! He rocks.

The girls had so much fun and looked adorable. Did I already say how much I love these girls? :) Nicole was cracking up when she came out of her room before we left cause her and I had on the EXACT same shirt and she wanted me to curl her hair. LOVE IT.
Jasi wanted a "huge pomp" hairstyle. I said "are you sure you want it big?" She said YES. OMG. She ROCKED IT. She looks like a runway model. (no "bump-its", I have skills................)
Since it was homecoming at half time they had coronation for court. Has changed alot since I was in school. Ours was much more.....................we had a skydiver come down and crown the queen, rode around track in old cars, music and it lasted longer. Was kind of sad for the girls on court in their GORGEOUS gowns and walked out for about 2 minutes. And they don't even wear their dresses to the dance because it's a theme. I'm sure it was still exciting for them and they looked pretty.
Weather was perfect. Company was perfect. Love to hang out with my girls.............(thanks for the ticket Kam... your son "expected" me to be there. I told him to keep my season pass available).

They are loving high school. :)
My "tradition" at games with little Miss Madison. :) Luv ya!

20 minutes and I'm headed back to the high school to pick up the girls. I'm sure I will hear lots of fun stories about the game and dance. I can't wait....................

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"slacker.......or just plain BUSY...."

So much to blog about......so little time.

Don't have energy tonight but will put a to-do up for me to post about.

*18th wedding anniversary yesterday.............didn't blog cause I was pissed off at my husband...

*Yachat's weekend..................fab..................great pics.................lots to say........

*Tyler's 10th birthday tomorrow.......awesome cake............school party.............

*Walked 3 miles on treadmill tonight......and made birthday cake.....and went to school open house.....missed Nicole's volleyball game........made kids dinner.....DIDN'T blog a decent post....and stupid laptop won't let me post a picture???? wtf?

Tired and need to go to bed............

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

"candy cake for my boy"

My boy is celebrating his 10th birthday in 7 days.
He remindes me of the countdown. Every. Day.
Double digits forever!
I was thinking about making him this cake for the big day.
So fun.
Just a regular boxed cake. Frosted and embelished with kit-kat candy bars and topped with m&m's.

Friday, September 11, 2009

"where do I begin?"

I will start with today and work my way backward thru the week!

First of all. It's Sept. 11. Hard to believe it's been 8 years since that horrible day.

My "baby" is a freshman in high school. When did that happen?
Today was "Rebel Pride" day at school. She wore her red rebel pride tshirt, cute white shorts (and she still has great tanned legs!) and red ribbon in her hair. She really looked like a highschooler today :(
This pic was from last year. She has changed alot since then.
In leadership class they are making posters for the big homecoming football game coming up. They got to pick 2 players to make poster for. She picked Zac Hunter (kam's senior cutie) and Cassandra's bro! Cute. She loves that she know the "seniors". LeRoy turned 40 yesterday!! Happy Birthday!
Funny story. He isn't a "birthday kind of guy". Hence, me going to Vegas without him on my recent birthday. He always says "birthdays are just another day, no big deal".
I always make a big deal about birthdays. I asked him awhile back if he wanted to do something for his "big 40".
He poo-pooed me and said no.
I asked if he wanted me to take him to Vegas. "No, we can't afford it and you just will be getting back". Blah, blah, blah.
So the night before his "big 40th" we were laying in bed and he says "I took the day off work for my birthday". WHAT? Why? It's a Thurday. And Nicole has a volleyball game in Churchill. Oh, and it's a weekday. I usually work on my birthday. Then I said "well, did you want a party?" his response "yeah, that would have been fun." WHAT? Ummm, a little too late since your birthday is in like 2 hours! So he POUTED his entire birthday. I didn't even get him a card or a cake cause he always says it's "a waste of money". So I felt like a jerk all day and guilty for not doing anything. We ended up going to dinner after the v-ball game, but very anti-climatic.
So I decided. Next year I'm having a hell of a party called "Happy 40th +1".
Mark you calenders cause we are having a birthday bash.
Food, music, alcohol, dancers (oh, maybe not dancers, lol). The works. Can't believe he pouted like a 2 year old. (I guess you get cranky when you get old! ha!)

And we survived the 1st week of school! Hard to get everyone back into a routine.
Tyler had "the best 1st day of school EVER"! I was happy to hear that. He loves his school and his teacher (he kind of likes his principal too! :)
Dropping Nicole off her 1st day of high school was kind of like dropping her off the 1st day of kindergarden. Bittersweet.
4 years and she's off to college. I might have gotten a little misty-eyed.
But she's loving every minute and already has homework, volleyball tournaments and games, football games to attend, leadership, new boys on her radar (I'm not thrilled with that one), and in her words "I just want to wear all of my cute new clothes to school". yikes..................
1st day of school. 2009
Jasmine and Nicole.

Need to make sure volleyball uniform is clean and food is packed. Girls have a tourney in Forest Grove tomorrow and have to be at the high school at 5:45 AM! Bus leaves at 6 AM. That's EARLY!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

"hostess" with the mostess and some wine"

This is the aftermath.
My friend Teresa called me after work and said "hey, come over and have a glass of wine with me." It had been a LONG work week and kids were taken care of so I had LeRoy drop me off. (smart, since I don't drink and drive). So we sat on her front porch in our old lady white rocking chairs and drank wine, talked, drank wine and talked. Nice way to spend a Friday night at the end of summer.
You know how you drink and then want to eat?(she has HUGE wine glasses, cause that entire bottle only filled my glass twice!)
And I hadn't eaten dinner. She brings out all thing "HOSTESS".
Cupcakes, zingers, choch. chip cookies. I do still see some left on the table, so we didn't eat ALL of it! I have been so good eating healthy this week. This was my splurge. I called my limo (LeRoy) to come pick me up.

I hope I didn't call or text anyone????

Is HOSTESS and wine a food group?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"sept 1st already?????"

Really...........................Sept. 1, 2009
Where did my summer go? It was kind of a blur.
I guess on the positive I did some fun things.
Went to Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and New York with Nicole.
Vegas with the girls.
20th high school class reunion.
Turned 38 years old. (how did that happen???)
So I shouldn't complain, but.....
I feel like I have worked more than ever.
Had some deaths in the family.
Replaced (expensive!) washer and dryer.
Cost a fortune to get LeRoys car out of the shop.
Didn't have the fun friends and family BBQ's that I wanted :(
Ya know, normal life stuff.
I am grateful for my family being healthy.
The fact that I HAVE a job.
Making it safely home from my travels.
Husband, friends and kids that I love.
Gearing up for school to start next week. Nicole is off to high school. yikes.
Volleyball games, football games, weather getting cooler, mornings getting earlier, lunches to be made, more work, less sleep.
Yep, summer is almost over...................................