Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Big T is a baller.................." season! How I love it. Tyler only has a few games left and has had a good season. He has had some great 3 point shots (that went in!!) and has been aggressive and a good leader at point guard.
 He is #8 green shirt. Shooting a 3 pointer! (Did it go in????)

 Great rebound!

 Another outside shot.

His team won. He is talking about playing spring basketball. I hope he does. I love to go watch him play.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!"

 Happy Valentine's Day! I love Valentine's Day. Maybe because everything is pink and pretty and romantic (in theory!). My Hubs got me pretty flowers and baked a cake! So sweet.
 We needed another craft day so I could get my Valentines Day stuff ready. Donna, me, Amber and Tina had a great day of crafting and eating. (last weekend)
 I made simple, yet adorable Valentines for my kids and Hubs.
 You can't go wrong with M&M's and Dove chocolates! And in a mason jar it's just perfect!!
 We may have "tried" a new sangria recipe............
 I bought fun little treats for LeRoy every day and made tags with cute little sayings and left them on his desk every morning' so before he left for work he would find them.
 So fun!! He loved them all.

 We did make yummy drinks for craft day................had to get our projects done!
 I bought myself a Valentines gift last week. ha! I got it in the mail on craft day. What a great day!!
 More cute treats for the hubs.........
Somehow got Nicole to myself for an afternoon! The only way I get to spend time with my girl is if I somehow contain her. ha! She got her hair done and a pedicure all in one day. Put some fun red lowlights in her hair and a fab haircut.
 I can't keep her attention for very long.
 So I just sat under the other dryer and hung out with her. We went to lunch and picked up her brother from school. Good day with my kids......
And today was actually Valentines day. Busy day. Worked. Came home and made homemade pizza and chocolate covered strawberries. Went to Coltons game. Took Nicole and the girls treats to work. Had lots of company this evening. (Gpa and Gma Mary stopped by and Gunner and his new GIRLFRIEND stopped by!) I'm exhausted and ready for bed!!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

"It's the little things........................."

It's the little things that matter most.
I worked a long day. Still needed to figure out dinner. Tyler had basketball practice. Nicole had left for work. The hubs and I decided to go together to take Tyler to practice. With busy schedules, if "car time" is the only time we can find to be together...........than I will take that. We decided to run by Hasty real quick to get a soda and visit my girl.
All we got was 2 sodas.
She wrote on mine. So sweet. Kind gesture. Made me smile. I told her when she got home from work that small things like that go a long ways and totally made my day. (She kind of looked at me like I was crazy. ha!!) Something so small sometimes means so much........