Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Eagle Crest Thanksgiving 2012"

 Eagle Crest........our annual Thanksgiving trip! We counted this as our 15th year! I guess you would call it a tradition. Got to go for the entire week this year since the kids didn't have school. Nicole managed to get the entire week off of work and I marked myself out too. LeRoy wasn't as lucky and had to go back for 2 days of work and then headed back over to Eagle Crest again on Wednesday. We headed out on Saturday and had snow up on the pass on the way over. We had a great week. Don't think there was alot of relaxing happening.............but lots going on! Had Thanksgiving dinner at the condo. Lots of trips to the sports center. Trips into Redmond and Bend. A little shopping. Got to see Heather and her baby! Visited with family. Did some crafts. Read tons of magazines. Went on walks. Enjoyed having some time off.
 We played countless games of pool at the sports center. Pool. Pool. And pool! Tyler has gotten really GOOD at it! But hates it when his dear ole' mom does well too.  We played for hours every day.

 LeRoy doesn't like pool and raquetball as much...............so he played old school video games.

 We also played lots of raquetball! Hours upon hours......................
 And we were so excited we got to see Heather and her new baby boy Ian. He is so adorable! He loved Nicole. Couldn't take his eyes off of her!
 Was so nice to visit with Heather. I miss her so much since she has been gone. Can't wait for her to come back to work! She is living in Redmond right now so we were about 10 min. away and they came over for breakfast.
 Baby Ian.
 We got Nicole to join in on the pool games one day. I think just one day. She was busy coloring. And making a blanket. We did talk her into raquetball one day too............................one day only

I took this same pic this year as I had taken from last year. What a cute boy!! (and we played more raquetball)                                                            2011
 We managed a little shopping. We don't do Black Friday. I refuse. We went out a few days before. Didn't buy alot. Just kinda wandered and went to the craft store for crafts. (I finished my fabric wreath!!)
 More raquetball...............
 It always starts out as a friendly game..................

 Mostly Tyler and I played. We have so much fun laughing and being silly. This year he was more agressive and kind of a ball hog! We really don't play by the rules! ha!
 Mt. Jefferson. Had some clear beautiful days. Saw tons of deer.
 It was dusk as we were heading into Tollgate to see the extended family Thanksgiving Eve. LeRoy had been out very early in the morning to get a newspaper. He saw a coyote!! In Eagle Crest! So at dusk we saw it again. Very blended into the grass...............middle left of pic.
 The sky was so beautiful and we had warm 50 degree days. Of coarse it didn't snow because I brought all of the snow clothes and boots!
 We headed to Tollgate to my aunt Sherri's house to see the rest of the family. I love the loud crazy busy of all of us being together.

 The week went by fast! Didn't get rest or sleep like I had planned. But that's ok because I was with my family and that's what makes me happy.