Wednesday, December 31, 2008


My BFF just stopped by my house with a little "gift". I was scared when she handed me the bag because I thought it might be a critter or a snake.
This might not be funny to anyone else, but I laughed so hard I was crying. We have "sayings" and nicknames that make us laugh. It is now on a comemorerative quilt. Most are inside jokes. I guess that is what makes us annoying. LOVE.
Here they are.
Ying and Yangs favorite 2008 saying and memories:
1. Corndog and hotdog (nicknames for our husbands, You figure it out)
2. Buzzkill
3. Taxi ride in Vegas
4. NA mom (what we all secretly aspire to be).
5. Know your role
6. Bear the Beav (GO DUCKS)
7. V. warmer (kam's favorite)
8. Work till you explode
9. GT stakeout
10. Cleaning yang's closet
11. Crack babies (drug of choice for BFF)
12. Burrito Tuesday: Vegie burrito, no guacamole, extra plate, 2 drinks, 6 salsas, 12 chips. ($8.30)
13. Walk it out Bizzle
14. Sunriver, Bachelor, Otter Beach, Idaho roadtrip, BGCA events
15. Our Favs: Tommy Lee, Betty Rubble, Barracudda, Big Ju, Porno Paul, Chic-a-rilla
16. I die, hot mess, hobo playa, sh*t balls, LOVE.
Thanks BFF for making me LMAO.
Happy New Year and I am sure we will be even more annoying in 2009.

"happy birthday Gunner....."

Happy 13th Birthday Gunner (and Happy New Year). Finally a teenager!~ (Gunner is on the right, couldn't find any pics of him without his brother Drake.) They are my favorite nephews.
Save me a piece of cake!!!! I was there 13 years ago on New Years Eve to see you to come into this world. My how time flies.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

"this time last year........"

we were partying it up in Mexico. I know we shouldn't live in the past, but last year was so GREAT. As I take down my tree, decorations, clean out the fridge, throw out candy, pick up the aftermath and piles, life was much simpler last year at this time! We were in Mazatlan for 17 glorious days. Over Christmas and New Years.
Senor Frogs and a few shots later.

LeRoy and his santa "ho ho ho's" at the grocery store.

This might have been Christmas day last year. Oh, the sunny beach.

I haven't looked this rested since this day :(

Christmas morning last year. Santa managed to find the kids and leave them a little something in their stockings.

Maybe next year we will leave the country again for the holidays :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

"mary christmas......"

This has been one of the craziest weeks of this year. Merry Christmas everyone. Is it over yet?????????? Most people put the "sweet-perfect-posed-planned-nice" pictures of their families for everyone to see. NOT ME. I put the goofy-funny-non posed ones because this is REALLY what we are like. Those who know me well, know this is true. We had a good Christmas overall. (last year we were in sunny Mexico!) I decided the best way to make it thru the holidays with this much family drink. Lots. I am kidding. (not really). tee hee. This week was to crazy to even remember. I am going to try and remember it the best I can.
Work. Work. Work.
I think the weather was a little crazy??? (can't remember if that was last week??)
Migraine at work. Packed all my stuff after a long day work, no dinner, and trip to Corvallis.
Moving salon's this weekend. (Start at Impression's on Mon. Dec 29)
Got screwed over by a few people. They don't read my blog so I should call them out.
Had 12 people over for Christmas Eve. (was ok, because I started drinking about an hour before they got here). Funny thing is, I drink about twice a year!
Nicole bent a bracket on her braces and was hysterically crying on Christmas Eve when "santa" needed to be finishing up his "work".
Ate WAY to much. Ick.
So much more, but I am in a coma from the last 4 days. As I remember I will post. And maybe post a few "nice" pictures. (if I have any!!)
Hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday with there families. And plenty to drink. HO HO HO.
Nicole will KILL ME if she knows I posted this pic.
- I think she is showing off her new footwear?? She got some camo UGG boots, fleece lined crocs and some slippers.
She told me to quit goofing around and take some "serious" pictures. This is the best I can do. :)

My poor tree. About a week ago it quit drinking water. Started to get really dry and limp. I have been praying all week to make it until today without going up in flames. I think it might be coming down tonight.

I think he is choking her.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"a little eye candy for my bff...."

This is her boyfriend. He is very easy on the eyes and smokin' hot. Bff, you are sooooo lucky :) His name is Robert (*uckme) Buckley :0

Thursday, December 18, 2008

"cook me some dinner..."

I have been so busy working I haven't done much cooking lately. I miss it. (don't think I like to bake, because I don't). I haven't been making the best food choices lately and am feeling it and so are my snug pants. :( I want yummy good food, but if I want it, I have to cook it. I am too tired by the time I get home and just haven't had the ambition.
I am ready after the holiday madness to get back to eating healthy, exercising and losing weight again. BFF. Lace up your walkin' shoes. WE are going to WALK IT OUT. No excuses.
Feel better. Look better. Live better. I found a great blog that has weight watchers recipies. I am adding it to my blog roll to get inspired to make yummy, healthy food again. You can find this recipe for Skinny Turkey Meatballs here.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

"round of cocoa for everyone!!"

Yes, I let my kids play out in the snow at 10:00 at night, in sub-zero weather, on a Sunday night. But there is no school tomorrow and I made them some warm, yummy hot cocoa. They are so hyper and crackin' me up.


"sunday, dec. 14, 2008"

Best day ever!
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.
(The one bad thing that happened today is that our clothes dryer stopped working today. Dunzo. Crap. Had to spend $400 on a new one. We are ghetto and had to put it outside for recycle and now it's out front in the snow. I told Tyler to see if it was working. tee hee. Only on the "south side" would this happen.) If this is what it takes to make my 13 year old this happy and actually smile. We are moving to the North Pole.
They are out of control crazy. I love it.

I made Tyler put some snow pants on. It's sub zero outside for goodness sake.

Snow bunnies :)

"bring on the snow......"

We went to a family Christmas party in Lebanon around 5:00 today. Road were clear. A little drizzle going on. Around 7:00 we started getting texts and phone calls from our loving friends to get ourselves home because I was SNOWING in Albany. Lots and lots. We still hadn't seen any in Lebanon. About 8:30 we started seeing it come down so we headed out. As we got closer to Albany the temperature starting dropping about a degree a mile. Blizzard driving conditions. Roads were a solid sheet of ice. Kids were getting very excited. Starting to realize there might not be school tomorrow. By the time we got home (just a few minutes ago) they were dancing around like hoolagans...................... Tyler was so excited he went out in his SHORTS!!
My precious baby boys handprints (actually, he is nine years old). He said "look mom, at my handprints in the snow". That is one of the sweetest things in the world to hear.

Frosty was at our house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My kids are so excited they were HUGGING each other in the front yard. I didn't get that one on film, but am happy that the snow brings out the best in them :)
Hugs for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I doubt they will have school tomorrow. It's 26 degrees and the high tomorrow is supposed to be 18 degrees. I will call my clients and see if they are coming in and it not, I am staying home with my kids for a SNOW DAY! Best december EVER!!!!

"one more party and I'm done..."

Done EATING. Icky. I am going to my 3rd Christmas party in the last 48 hours. Food is so over-rated. I feel like that is all I have done in the last 2 days. Done. Can't wait to get back to eating healthy and feeling good. I feel like a big fatty right now.
This picture is me and Kambria. I am the blonde. She is the brunette. tee hee.

Friday, December 12, 2008

"french kiss........"

........cocktail that is. Got this recipe from a client today. Sounds yummy and delightful. I think I will make it for Christmas Eve or Christmas day. (wish I could have one right now, but I'm off to chaparone middle school dance! All the more reason to NEED one!!)
French Kiss
1 sugar cube
1 tbsp. chambord (french raspberry liquer)
Place sugar cube in bottom of champagne flute, pour chambord over sugar, wait a couple of seconds and fill with champagne. Garnish with lemon slice or fresh raspberries. Enjoy. (don't drink and drive).

Or if all else fails. Make cosmo's.............................
Or raspberry bellini's. Or wallaby darned. Or wine. Or any other drink that strikes your fancy.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

"i'm dreaming of a white christmas"

..........or a little snow on Sunday. That's what the forecast is predicting. I will believe it when I see it. They always promise, but rarley does it happy. I would love for it to snow!! Love this mantel. I didn't even decorate mine this year. What's up with that? I would love to claim this one as mine. But I never lie. :)
I am such a loser I don't even have a wreath this year. Is it too late to get one? I guess I could leave it up until Valentines day.

My plan is to get off the computer and make up some sugar cookie dough. Best recipe ever. Mom's cookies, Dad's frosting. Going to make the dough and put it in the fridge until Saturday when I have time to bake them. I don't like to bake. But I like to eat. Maybe I can talk the kids into baking them??? (they will probably ask for money to do the job!!)

This cake look delish. I am really into peppermint right now. You can find the recipe on this site. (Bff made some cookies this week with crushed peppermint and they were yummy. Didn't sound like the cookies today turned out so good!! tee hee).

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I know I have been M.I.A for a while.
Busy with work.
Dealing with teenagers.
Stressing about money (lack of).
You know, all the normal stuff.
These monkey's make me laugh. I will be better about blogging this week.
Positive, happy, fluffy, fun stuff. Peace out.

Monday, December 1, 2008

"in my dreams"

my christmas would look like this.

Outside lights are up. Check.
Tree is up. Check.
Stocking have been found in attic. Check.
Most gifts are purchased and wrapped. Check.
Mine doesn't look quite like this..........................but it's done. That counts for something, Right?