Friday, February 26, 2010

"kambria marie hunter"

love you...........

Monday, February 22, 2010

"happy birthday drake!!"

Happy Birthday to my newphew Drake!!!!!! (sorry, 2 days late) He is the cute boy, front and center in the camo.
Happy birthday from all of us. Love you!!!! :)
(Nicole, LeRoy, Me, Donna, Mark, (random smoking snowman), Gunner, Drake, Tyler)

"sassy onion, shopping and silvers......."

Saturday was a fun day! Tyler had a 9 am basketball game, then I went shopping in Salem with my adorable friend Erin.
We ate at a cute little diner called The Sassy Onion Grill. It is downtown by the capitol on State street. Would definately go back. Food was good. Reminded me of an "old school" diner. They are famous for their french toast. We will have to go back and try it.
Then we were off for some shopping! :) Erin wanted to find some cute new clothes and knew I would be down for that........I was kind of her personal shopper! She got some fabulous Silver Jeans (my personal favorite) that made her butt look amazing! All of her clothes were hot! She looked great in everything she tryed on and purchased. (hoping their was no "buyers remorse"). She has an awesome figure (because she runs like a lunatic training for a marathon, iron man, olympics or something) lol. I'm sure she is laughing hysterically right now :) We had a fun day. Shopped till we dropped. I was even tired............................
Stopped on way home and got yummy iced coffees. White chocolate, skinny, iced mocha???

So this was my (semi) new outfit I wore shopping. I bought a sweater at Kohl's almost EXACTLY like this one for $18 (this one in pic is from J.Jill and cost $89. too much $ for me!)
Already owned a scarf almost exactly like this one(mine was from Walmart for $5. one in pic was J.Jill $49). Owned white Tshirt. Got some lighter colored jeans that are more of a skinny jean on clearance for $16 (ones in catalog from J.Jill were $90). Silver ballet flats (can't see in this pic) were priced at J.Jill for $89. I already own these fabulous ones!
Everyone that knows me know that I am a bargain shopper! ( I will pay for good jeans and good shoes). For the most part I love a bargain I have also been enjoying this gorgeous sunny weather we have had! Sunday my friend Teresa and I put her little Paige in her stoller and walked and walked and walked and talked. 4 miles!
Today I took Tyler to practice and asked my friend Kela if she wanted to walk and talk and enjoy the sunshine! yay! We walked all thru the neighborhoods downtown and clocked in 2.5 miles today. I want this to always be my life..............
Nicole is so excited for Sadies Hawkins dance this weekend. The guy she is going with was voted on "court" so she just realized she is going to walk with him during "coronation" at the dance. ha ha. I'm laughing at her. She is so funny. But he also qualified to go to State for wrestling. Starts Thurs and goes thru Sat. Hope he is back in time for the dance!!!!!!!!!
And she is excited for the last week of basketball (yay, me too!) and softball tryouts are next weekend. She can't wait. She is literally bouncing off the walls tonight. I'm happy she has so many exciting things to look forward to............... I will post pics of her and her friends getting ready for the dance. At my house. I'm sure it will be lot's of hair for me to do. And her fab dress. And shoes. (for the record. Dress=$20. Shoes=$14.99. Ross Dress for Less)......

Friday, February 12, 2010

"i know, i know, i know........"

...........seems to be the only words in my sons vocabulary!!! I start to tell/ask him to do something, and before I have even finished his is talking over me "I know, I know, I know". Drives me CRAZY. So I shoot back "If you know so much, why are/aren't you doing it?". I kind of remember when I was younger I was famous for "I know", and remember it driving my parents crazy.....hmmmmmmmm
So it's almost Valentines and time for the Sadie Hawkins dance at school. Girls ask boys......
Nicole has a new interest (sorry T.J).... so she had idea to get a t-shirt and write his name on the front (pics don't do it justice. It's VERY sparkly and flashy). and write "Sadie's ?" on the back. He had a wrestling meet last night. She wore the shirt. After the meet (he won!) she took off her jacket and walked up to him. (I got a text before this all went down that said "mom, I'm so scared". I was laughing so hard and said "just do it!") He thought it was cool. And she said "do you want to see the back?" Then she asked if he wanted to go with her. SO SWEET. Of coarse he said yes (who wouldn't) and he texted her later and said he was really surprised and excited to go. So brave of her.........and what a cute creative idea.
I thought of a great idea for Cassandra to ask the boy she wants to go with.
I have a big heart shaped cookie pan. Bake big cookie. In frosting write "Sadie's ?" in frosting. Put it in a pizza box. She had an even better idea on how to execute the invite. Have him come to her house to hang out. Order a pizza. And I will be "delivery boy" and make sure he answers the door. And when he opens it, it will be the giant cookie with her asking him! I love these girls. :) So fun that they are allowing me to be part of their high school experience.........I'm loving every minute of it :)

He said YES!!!!!!!

Nicole has a class called Building Lifeskills. Her and Taylor had their "fake" babies last weekend. These babies have computer chips and the girls had braclets. Very high tech. Had to keep them for the weekend. Feed them, change them, support their heads, had 2 minutes to respond when they cried and figure out what they needed. Wow. They were just like real babies. All 4 of them stayed at our house on Friday night. Heard lots of crying! They had to take them everywhere. Funny because they had to go to the girls varsity game with their babies! Nicole said they got some dirty looks. They were exhausted my Monday morning. Nicole texted me yesterday from school and said she got 100% on her baby. And extra credit!! I'm glad she will be such a good mommy someday...................
They were all scrounged out because all the babies wanted to do was eat. They didn't get to take showers when they wanted. haha. And didn't get anything done! Just like real life.

They had my house so trashed with all of their stuff. Car seats, diaper bags, etc. So funny watching them.
My friend Teresa and I. Were headed down the The Vault for some drinks. Dinner at Clemenza's. Play at Civic Theater. All girls from salon went. Was a fun night.

Last weekend we went to Chinook winds with our good friends Mark and Becky. Went to watch Tesla (old 80's band) concert on Saturday night. Music was great (so was the wine!). Stayed for the superbowl party on Sunday. Weather was gorgeous. Warm, sunny and no wind.........
Heard 38 special is coming soon...........One of my all time favorite bands. Was the very 1st cassette tape LeRoy ever bought me when we started dating. I was still in high school...........
We've had some other funny things lately. Tyler has had a very loose tooth for awhile. (had one come out at school a couple of weeks ago. My kids lose like 2-3 at a time? Weird.) I had tucked him into bed and was out in the living room. He came running out about 9:30holding his mouth. His tooth was so loose it was hangin from a root. GROSS!!! I can handle almost anything. Except for pulling teeth. I sent him to his dad. I heard LeRoy said "I don't pull teeth either". Great. So I could hear them in the bathroom. Tyler was gagging. I didn't want any part of it. This went on for about 15 minutes. Eventually I saw the tooth. Had to try and remember to put money out because the one he lost 3 weeks ago sat on the counter in a glass for about 5 days! Tooth fairy was such a slacker!!!!!!!!!
Nicole has journalism as a class in school. They had to write about themselves and also had to interview their parents about when they were teenagers. Her and I are so much alike. LeRoy was the exact opposite! lol. In what kind of students we were, sports, activities, school involvement, etc.
So about a week later she had her final draft/paper finished and asked me to proof it before she turned it in. The very last paragraph was what every mom wants to hear. "I couldn't acheive any of this without my mom. She is my hero. She supports me in everything I do and is a great role model." I wanted to cry. So great to hear. But it gets better. This week I was driving the girls (Nicole and Jasmine) to school and Jasi has the same class. She said she had to write an article on who her hero was.......... She said it was ME!!!! :) I'm so happy I'm having such a positive influence on the girls.