Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Puget Sound, birthday weekend"

 Happy 41st birthday to me!
What????!!! I just had a birthday! How did that get here so soon? Again?! We traveled up to Puget Sound (Harstine Island), Washington which happened to fall on my birthday. Our friends from the Seattle area have a "cabin" up there and invited us to come visit. I say cabin and it was pretty much camping (which I was prepared for!) Very rustic and......................rustic......
 We headed out on Thursday which was actually my birthday. Was hot! This was the temp in Portland on our way thru! Oh boy. Hope it's not that hot when we get there.
 It was about a 4 1/2 hour drive. Tyler hadn't been feeling well and we had some (puking) issues before we left town. We debated about staying home.........but decided to go anyways. (ended up coming home a day early due to puking issues.....) (and the heat and the car ride did NOT help those issues!)
 Puget Sound is a gorgeous place. We stayed on Harstine Island. It's nestled in the trees and we checked out the surrounding area and drove all over the island. There was an amazing swimming pool (didn't get any pics cause Tyler was puking in the bushes). we hung out there most of the day.

 This is NOT the place we stayed, but I found my vacation home. It's right on the water.
 I got a pic or two of Tyler when we was feeling "kind of ok"...........

 We stopped at a beautiful place on the sound and let Tyler just chill a little. Get some fresh air and hopefully feel better (there was puking involved all weekend. and it was hot. I felt so bad for him.)
 Mount Rainier in the faint background.

 Beautiful sunset over the mountains. We were wishing we were here when all of the meteor showers where going on last week. (me and LeRoy and Tyler layed out in our front yard on a blanket 2 nights in a row watching them last week.)
 We had some visitors at our cabin. Mamma raccoon with 5 babies! They got pretty close but we stayed our distance since I'm sure she would be vicious protecting her young if she felt threatened.

 Why can't my kids be normal?
 That's what I love about them. Always being silly.........
Overall the weekend was good. Except the heat and Tyler not feeling well. Oh and I didn't sleep at all in 48 hours. We had extra people that we weren't expecting that obviously don't sleep either. ha! And I didn't get a birthday cake............but as long as I was with my family that's all the matters. The kids and LeRoy got me a gift cert for a massage for my birthday. I need it badly!

"Sisters/Girls Sisters"

 Girls weekend in Sisters! (for my birthday). My sistas Donna and KayDee. Sista in law Brandi. Friend Erin. Headed up after work on Friday. (Nicole and her boyfriend Zack drove up on Saturday after work.) Erin found us a fabulous condo in Sisters to stay. I have driven thru that town a hundred times but never actually stayed there.
 My sister Donna needed a ride (as did I since we are down to a 1 car family!) so we stopped and picked her up in Lebanon on our way thru. We pull up to her house and she is outside, on the curb, with all her stuff and a cold beer. I think she was ready to get out of town!
 We finally got to try the Lime-a-rita we have been talking about all summer! Was good, but I won't probably be buying any. We walked/rode bikes around the little town of Sisters. Great way to see the neighborhoods and beautiful scenery and mountains.
Goofed around like we do best. Went into Bend and did a little shopping. Did our nails. Went to a great dinner. Stayed up late and talked (well, Brandi and I did. Everyone else was sleeping!)
 The red solo cup has surfaced all summer. We are a classy group..............ha!
These are the only pics I have because my camera didn't make it out of my bag and the girls haven't gotten me any from their cameras yet (like they promised!!). So I know there are lots of silly pics out there. I just don't have them! Maybe that's a good thing!!

"Jamboree weekend......and a wrecked car..."

 Nicole went to the Jamboree with her friends and stayed at my sisters house for the weekend. Sounds like the weekend was great and they had fun and went to the lake and all the concerts. Sunday night her and Hannah were headed home and they got into an accident. It wasn't her fault and luckily everyone was ok and just minor bruises. The poor kid that hit her was only 16 and had only had his license a month and had his little brother with him! And everyone was wearing seatbelts and airbags deployed. It was about 2 miles from our house and we got there in about 2 minutes after she called me.
 Her car is totalled.........
 I just thank God that everyone walked away from it. Scary call to get from your teenager that she was in a car accident.

And what are the chances of 2 cars of ours being totalled within a month of each other?????? And neither was our fault. So now we are down 2 cars. And have 3 drivers and we all have jobs that are different hours.............I'm hoping good things are to come our way! (But still so grateful that all the teenagers walked away without serious injuries.)

"Misc. summer fun........."

 We have been working alot and trying to balance work and play all summer. Tyler doesn't drive yet and his sister is working alot too so he is left home alot. So I decided after work to take him mini golfing. Me, LeRoy and Tyler were off..........
 I had two hole in ones but that still didn't keep Tyler from beating us both games! Was nice to get Tyler out for some friendly competition!
 These shoes just make me smile. Glittery and pink! I wore them to work and they aren't the most comfortable shoes to wear for an entire work day. Maybe a half day...................but they are cute!
 I took a weekday off (can you believe it!) Tyler and I decided to go to Corvallis to visit my friend Erin that works at OSU. We went to lunch and hung out at the coffee shop and walked around campus. Tyler thought is was funny to wear a "duck" shirt to OSU campus. Until we started walking around. ha! Then he doubted his decision alittle. But at least it wasn't bright green or yellow! He came out alive. Good thing it was summer and most of the students are gone.
 I love pinterest! Found this hairstyle on there and tried it out on myself! Cuteness~
 I wear my hair up alot. From the front (and in pics) it just looks like I have my hair pulled back. But usually there is something cute like this going on in the back! Love pinterest ideas!
 We started out the summer visiting the Oregon Coast almost every weekend. Life has gotten in the way and we haven't been lately! I'm ready to go.............
 Tyler is a very funny kid. I found bottled old school pepsi at the grocery store. I bought a bottle for Tyler and told him soda just tastes better out of a glass bottle. I put it in the fridge and he forgot about it. So a few days ago I reminded him it was in there. He said "oh, that weird bottle that you got from Mexico?" ahahahahaha......I'm not sure why he thought it was from Mexico???? but he said it was the best pop ever!
 Me and my girl....
 And Tylers best friend Parker moved away this summer to Arizona............Bummer............Tyler has been sad. Him and Parker had so much fun and hung out alot. School starts soon so he will have to make some new friends............

"Linn County Fair"

 Linn County Fair!! My nephews Gunner and Drake show pigs at the fair. It's so fun to go watch them show and just hang out. This was Drakes 1st year and Gunner has shown before. We went last year too. So funny. My sis Donna took her trailer and camped at the fairgrounds so it was fun to  just go hang out (and bring her an emergency bottle of wine which may or may not have been consumed from red solo cups!)
 The boys did good and had fun. We went to support and Grandma Mac came too! We went 2 days and lucky the weather wasn't too hot this year.
 We saw Amber there. Her daughter was showing too. Was like a family reunion! Good times.........

"BBQ with my peeps"

 BBQ at my sista KayDee's house! Good times. Good laughs. (Where is Tyler in this picture?????)

I'm sure we were up to something? BBQ was great. Met some new people. Then we all went to Foster Lake to watch fireworks for the sportsman holiday weekend. The hubs were with us too but they aren't as quick to jump into pictures like we are! Love hanging out with my sisters and family :)