Saturday, February 28, 2009

"happy 13th birthday Madison"

A teenager. Sigh.
Love ya!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"i have got to get my act together"

Me in black.
Kam in pink.

Monday, February 23, 2009

"i need............."

some retail therapy.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"it's on"

Back to being serious about losing weight again. I am up 8 pounds from my lowest weight in years. Still maintained a 22 lb. loss, but need to get that 8 off and keep going. Exercise is a necessity for me. Kam, are you ready?

Monday, February 16, 2009

"there once was a time........"

...when I was really this organized. ALL THE TIME. I miss that. This is my bedroom when I redecorated it about 5 years ago. Who has a chandelier in there room? LOVE IT. So serene and pretty. Right now I need to reorganize my closet and get rid of some stuff. I have been working so much (salon and Costco flowers) I don't have time to keep up with life.
I want to simplify my life.
Work less.
Spend more time with my kids.
Spend more time with my friends and family.
Get more sleep and take better care of ME.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"you've got to be kidding me"

Ok, before I go on about my ridiculous day, I tried to find a picture that made me laugh. I wasn't hard. This is my son (9) taken just a few weeks ago. It was late on a weekend and Nicole and her friends and I were being silly, and poor Tyler went along for the ride. French braids, Dorthy halloween costume, and a picture as proof. Poor kid. We probably ruined him for life. This morning started off on the wrong foot.
Hot water heater went out. Not good considering our household has NO EXTRA time to spare in the morning for anything to go wrong. CHAOS could have ensued, but..............
I stayed very calm and decided to call grandma (only lives a few miles away) and packed up the kids and their stuff and we headed over there to take showers. Poor LeRoy braved the FREEZING water and took one at home because he had to get to our 2nd job doing the flowers at Costco (a post to come later). I was supposed to go with him and help before going to my REAL job, but I had to get the kids ready for school and get ready for my 9:00 am appt.
Then Tyler forgot his library book. Handled it. Got kids to school on time and I got to work on time fairly presentable.
Worked a very long day. Came home, cooked dinner, dishes, got girls off to basketball practice by 7:00 pm and put some dinner in the fridge for LeRoy when he got home. He worked from 7 am to 7 pm at Costco today. Both very tired. Was cleaning off papers from counter while cleaning up the kitchen and found Tyler's list of kids in his class for his Valentines party TOMORROW!
He needed a valentine box decorated and valentines to fill out. We ran to Walgreens (by now it's 8:30 pm). I went in my sweats and slippers. Whatever. There were about 3 choices. Hello Kitty, High School Musical and Harry Potter. Thank goodness he was ok with Harry Potter. Right now he is filling them out and I need to go pick up Nicole from practice. Oh, and that biotch aunt Flo is in town.
Calgon, take me away............................................

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We went to Seaside, OR for a basketball tournament for Nicole's team. It was a fun weekend. (I will leave the annoying parts out, since that is negative, and I don't want to be negative, really I do, but I will be nice.)
Ok, a few annoying things.
Uber-moms, other peoples kids (not all), domestic violence in the room next to ours, giant-money-sucking-loud-obnoxious-arcade, fast food, too many carbs, non-smoking room that smelled like stale smoke, continental breakfast that was gone by 8:30 (well, not if you count the shriveled up orange), bleacher butt.
Ok, it was not all a bust. Now the good stuff.
Weather was BEAUTIFUL on Saturday. It was windy and a little cold, but the sun was shining. Went down on the boardwalk and walked around. Kids played on the beach. Took my girls (Nicole, Jazz, Kookie) to lunch. Girls won 2 games, lost 2 games. Had a few margaritas. Loved the cute, quaint town of Seaside. So typical of my kids. Being silly. But I love it.
Tyler and I rode the carousel in the mall. His was an angry ostrich. He looks a little scary himself. I rode a nice white pony.

Me and my friend Cherie. We didn't shop together, but ended up with the same sweatshirts, just in a different color!

Emily, Cassandra, Nicole and Jasmine at the beach.

Tyler couldn't wait to take off his shoes and play in the sand. And get dirty. He looks so young and little to me in this pic. Like the olden days.

Here is most of the team. We lost a few in this pic. It was freezing on Sunday and of course my daughter was the only one not wearing a sweatshirt.

We took this same picture of them two years ago in the 6th grade. My how they have grown. Of course Nicole doesn't have her sweatshirt on. She is #14. Her last name is "Mary". tee hee.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"hair day"

little girlie gets her hair done today. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"great day"

So Kambria called me Saturday morning to see what I was up too. We decided to do something fun. Maybe lunch and a movie? We still hadn't decided when I picked her up. She had mentioned Olive Garden in Salem or Eugene or maybe Valley River Center. So I pull up to get her. I see John Boy out front and as soon as he sees me he quickly retreats to the house. Should I be offended by that? Whatever...
So as soon as she get in the car, (before I could say a thing), she said "how about the Roadhouse Grill in Salem". Psyhic. I was going to say the exact same thing. Weird, but we do that all the time. In our friendship, the destination isn't alway the big prize.
It's all about the car ride. :)
The things we have discussed, and learned in the car are the best part. So we reminisced about Betty and Scooby. We decided we are OVER IT.
We saw a tow truck and emergency vehicles on the freeway and were very releived not to see the jaws of life. Looked pretty mild.
We were at the exit at Lancaster about 5 cars back from the light. There was a bum/hobo on the corner (not unusual for that corner). There was a van two cars in front of us that was handing the homeless man some change. I don't know if it's because the light changed green or what but as the man was trying to walk to the van (he wasn't very stable on his feet) the driver THREW a handful of change at him and sped off. Our mouths were gaping open. It was the most humiliating, degrating thing I think I have every witnessed. I don't condone begging on the corner for money, but he is still a human being. He was so shocked and stunned he couldn't even bend over to pick up the money. We felt so sad for him.

So we procede to the Roadhouse Grill. We had the best salad EVER. The honey rolls were pretty orgasmic too. (ha ha kam, more to that story, but it is too inappropriate to put on my blog. Kathy reads this ya know. Hi Kathy!!!!!) :)
So we decided (why I am not sure) to split dessert. We were miserable after and paid the price. But it was a HUGE hot fudge, brownie sundae with carmel. Two spoons please. Delicious, decadant, fattening!! Whatever, move on.

So after our pig out, we decided to go see a movie. The Benjiman Button one with Brad Pitt. So we go to the theater at Lancaster Mall and were going to pre-buy our tickets and then kill some time before the movie. The stupid movie wasn't at that theater. ha ha. Whatever. Move on.
So we walked thru Lancaster without any shootings (scary mall) and decided to head down to Nordstrom Mall. We ditched the movie idea. We were too lathargic to sit in a dark theater and come down off of our sugar high. We would have crashed and burned.
So we wandered thru the mall. Went to Nordies to look at shoes, makeup, jewelry, etc. Kam wanted to get some Philosophy products for her sons girlfriend for Valentines day. I was wandering in shoe-land and she came back over to me PISSED OFF.
It was a total "pretty woman" moment.
She said those UGG-ly (pun, figure it out :) sales people wouldn't give her the time of day. Granted we were bothed dressed in fleece pullovers and jeans, tennies. We were presentable, but not dressed to the nines. They looked at us like we were the hobos. I wanted to go back over there and tell them that we didn't have time anyways because our private jet was up on the heli pad waiting to take us back to our palace. Bitches. Whatever, move on.

So now we are seeing what everyone else is wearing when they go shopping. To be honest, I really don't notice too much unless its extreme. Well, we saw it. A woman in her mid-forties dressed kind of like this. Would they have treated us better if we had a sweater on as a dress and hideous tights? By now we are kind of over it. Tired.
Overall we had a GREAT day. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping. (in a good way).
Had an enjoyable day with my best friend!

For my closing statement. We saw written on someones window with white writing "Bung Hole". ha ha hahahahhaha a a hahhahahah a ahahahaaa hahahhahahah